Business Transactions

Demerger, acquisition, and Business Structure

Experienced industrial view and financial due diligence are the foundation of your business acquisitions. The decision to expend your business by purchasing an existing business or downsize by selling your business involve various significant risks. It is crucial that all the risks and particular concerns are fully analysed and investigated before an informed demerge or acquisition plan to be implemented. WNR business consulting is here to get the deal done and carry out the transaction with correct corporate structure.

WNR Business Consulting has accumulated rich experiences in a wide range of corporate transactions, and we are highly valued by our current and previous clients for our planning ahead approach to delivering tailored solutions to meet their specific transaction needs.

We provide the following transaction support services:

  • Acquisition due diligence services
  • Vendor due diligence services
  • Preparation or review of financial models
  • Business structure on merges